Antalis reveals fantastic eco-conscious opportunity for dealers

In this day and age being eco-conscious is becoming more of a priority, both in personal and in business life. Green living through eco-friendly products help the environment not only by helping to conserve energy, but also prevents air, water and noise pollution.
In particular, the environmental and social benefits of recycled paper are endless – it produces lower C02 emissions and uses less water and energy. Sustainability is not just important to us as a business but also to the consumers. As the flurry of headlines on plastic waste and the devastating impact it is having on the environment continue to dominate the news agenda in 2018, a recent study has revealed sustainability as the top priority for consumers – with 66% admitting they would spend more on a product if it was sustainable.
In turn the mounting pressure on businesses to go ‘plastic-free’ has increased. Antalis has revealed that this presents a fantastic opportunity for dealers to advocate and upsell recycled paper options to their customers. The recycled paper has come a long way and no longer consists of a standard grainy sheet of paper, our recycled papers range from a natural shade to a bright white shade, all while ensuring a premium feel and finish.
Let us help you make the most of this opportunity. Our team of experts are here for you.

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