Aster UK partners with FusionPlus Data

Aster Technology UK Ltd, the first toner manufacturer to partner with FusionPlus Data, has now ensured that its product portfolio is available to current and future customers.

Aster currently produces one of the highest-quality products on the market. It moved into its premises in Lichfield during January 2018, and continued to increase its stock-holding capacity to over 1.2 million cartridges with the expansion of a European warehouse in Holland, enabling larger and more time efficient deliveries.

Tim Jackson, general manager at Aster UK said: “We chose to partner with FusionPlus Data to improve the options of integration with all nine of the leading industry software providers – as a result, the many hundreds of dealers using their solutions will now be able to quickly and easily activate our catalogue in their back-office and e-commerce solutions.”

Aster UK’s product catalogue is now available via software houses Evolution, ECi, Prima, Heart, Oasis, CommerceExchange, Calidore, OP-Connect and Intact, or directly from Aster.

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