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Established in 1989, UTAX (UK) Limited is a strong business partner committed to the market through its partner network. The theme of partnership is working together, vital to the way UTAX does business with its partners and your customers.

UTAX is committed to providing its partners with innovative, industry leading products, coupled with an unrivalled level of service, sales and marketing support.

UTAX’s unique approach to solution and consultative sales is proven to provide extra revenue and profit from existing customers as well as providing the company with the competitive edge when approaching prospective customers.

By embracing software solutions, UTAX partner, Document Data Group, is reaping rewards.

Combining hardware and software in a more managed print approach, which is no longer just about demonstrating cost savings but driving business process efficiency, is a key factor in the continuing development of the office equipment industry. Cultural change is happening now, which is why we are attracting more and more partners with an increasing demand for solutions. Luckily UTAX saw this coming and have been able to adapt very quickly to ensure we continue to offer the high level of support.

A UTAX (UK) partner, Document Data Group is currently enjoying record sales and increased profits thanks to a successful, holistic approach to selling print that’s based on boosting business processes and efficiency when it comes to document input and output.

David Forsyth, Chairman of DDG, said: “We recognise that the workplace digitalisation isn’t the future; it’s the here and now. That is why we’re adopting – and are having huge success selling – software-based document solutions.

Print is only a small part of what today’s MFPs can do and, by working with UTAX to integrate ways of working that vastly improve the document workflows and working practices of our clients, we’re ensuring long-term success for those clients and ourselves.

We all need long-term client relationships and that’s what our all-inclusive, partnership- driven approach is successful in creating.”

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