Dynamic focuses on consumer care with new trading model

Dynamic Office Solutions has now created a new consumer programme to support its dealers’ businesses to consumers. The company has invested in new personnel with a deep passion for the consumer care excellence, and it has also undertaken a specialist consultancy tie-up to further understand the consumer mindset.

The management team has been tasked with creating a new trading model – TotalCare – that puts the consumer at the heart of the Dynamic approach, even though it is a trade-only manufacturer and distributor of office furniture and interiors.

Every department, from customer service to transport, has embraced the revised consumer care culture that sees them more attuned to end-user needs, whilst retaining their first line relationship with resellers. MD Carl Verlander explained:

Just because we are a trade only organisation does not mean we should not embrace some of the excellent consumer care practices that those in the retail and consumer facing environments have adopted.

Our dealers focus on customer care excellence. By introducing a customer experience programme with a strong consumer bias, we will be more effective in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the end-users, and the dealers most effective partner.”

The holistic TotalCare programme has been launched with the aim of delighting dealers by securing end-user loyalty when they are buying office interiors products.

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