Effective Consumable Solutions celebrates a successful 2018/2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (UK) Ltd. has announced that 2018/19 has been its best year ever

ECS now has now completed stage one of its strategic overhaul, forged some new, more robust, supplier relationships and invested further in its production and technological capabilities with an emphasis on enhanced quality and accountability.
Felicity Rabbitte, CEO, said: “We have delivered a strong operational and financial performance and our highest production volumes for a decade. The main drivers for this growth have been our unrivalled attention to detail in all aspects of production, professional promotional campaigns including the successful introduction of our distributor programs, the launch of some exciting new products and our expansion into additional countries.
“Being bestowed with multiple awards this year has been empowering and has inspired our staff to go the extra mile for our partners. Our people take individual responsibility for driving the financial management and performance of the business, we maintain financial discipline across all aspects of our operations. It has been a concerted team effort and demonstrates the calibre of staff we have, my thanks to all concerned.
“Attracting and retaining the best people is a priority for the business and we are committed to the development of our people in order to drive our success. We are building a diverse and inclusive workforce, delivering excellence for our Partners by drawing on a broad range of talents, skills and experience.”
Chris Fink, MD, added: “We believe it is important to engage openly with our clients regarding the challenges they are facing and help them identify and address opportunities while mitigating risk. In order to improve this dialogue we have recently introduced a new client evaluation and development programme, which we believe is the first of its type in the industry. This programme has been rolled out across the business over the last year.
“We recognise that our clients and suppliers are critical to the delivery of our strategic objectives and we invest in our relationships with them. We aim to be viewed as a sustainable, reliable partner for the future and so engage in continuous communication with both our clients and suppliers holding regular performance and business reviews and providing training days.
“We have certain critical resources and relationships we need to manage and maintain to ensure our business model can be run efficiently. These inputs are controlled through our implementation of our strategy, priorities and principles.
“There is no doubt that we are facing challenging times that have, and will continue to impact on our industry, however, ECS will continue to be recognised as a leading remanufacturer. I am particularly pleased with the growth in our recycling program where our unique business model has proven to be highly successful and we will be publishing some high-profile case studies very soon. I am pleased to say that the early signs are that 2019/20 will also be another ground-breaking year for ECS.”
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