Experience the spirit of innovation at Dealer Support Live with COLOP UK

Having worked with the dealer community for many years we have had the pleasure of making great friends and loyal customers; we are excited to be attending this year’s Dealer Support Live for the first time, and for the opportunity to showcase a new era for stamps!
The show’s slogan – improvise, adapt, overcome – is one which we are all too familiar with. Over the past few years we have merged companies, launched new products, moved premises and built up a team we are truly proud of.  There have been highs and lows and now we’re in the next chapter of our exciting journey with the COLOP e-mark and COLOP Arts and Crafts.
If you haven’t heard about it already, the COLOP e-mark is a brand-new electronic stamp which launched this summer. It is the world’s first app operated mobile marking device, and enables you to create and edit your own imprints and print in full colour with a simple sideways movement of your hand. It can print barcodes, QR codes and images; having recently won the Product Design category at the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards 2019, and the Business Info Editor’s Choice Award, we expect the e-mark to revolutionise the stamp world. To learn more, visit: www.e-mark.co.uk
COLOP Arts and Crafts launched in May this year when COLOP teamed up with the Royal Posthumus Group to create our very own stamp offering for the creative, gift and hobby sector. With well-established brands such as NIO, Woodies, Vintage Stamps, ALTA and May & Berry, we now have some exciting new products to help you reach a larger audience. To learn more, visit: www.colopartsandcrafts.com
With ‘the spirit of innovation’ as our company motto we believe that, if you have a marking problem, we have a solution!
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