How marketing automation can boost brand loyalty and ROI for the workplace solutions market

Adam Oldfield, CEO of marketing automation platform Force24 delves into why savvy technology can be the key to streamlining processes and deepening those all-important customer relationships

Having explained the basics of marketing automation and how it can save you valuable hours each week, now’s the time to explore – in a little more detail – exactly why the workplace solutions market should care and invest in this level of technology.

Customers today want to feel like brands are speaking directly to them. They’re more likely to react positively to the organisations that understand their individual wants and needs, and can communicate effectively with hyper-personalised content.

Therefore, delivering a bland email message that’s loosely received by all isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s about sending digital comms to the right person, at the right time – and that’s where marketing automation comes in.

Analysing an individual’s of-the-moment interests and reacting swiftly via engaging, ultra-personalised content – that reflects each recipient’s online behaviours – workplace solutions brands will be in a far greater position to deepen those all-important customer relationships.

Not only will that build brand loyalty, but understanding automated data means you know exactly who you should be speaking to – and what workplace solutions they’d be interested in, in real-time. In return? You develop long-term trust through a series of effective lead nurturing campaigns that are authentic, responsive and interactive.

There are more benefits to plugging in intuitive automation too – especially in how it can help you transform your return on investment. Providing valuable insight and more sophisticated ways of evaluating customer engagement, you no longer have to solely rely on ‘vanity metrics’ – such as email open rates – that don’t tell the full story anymore. With marketing automation, you can unlock the powers of lead scoring.

Following on from Force24’s previous post, this measurement means that for every individual’s interaction, your sales teams can utilise the information and provide a more personal, ‘human’ touchpoint – such as a phone call – to highly engaged customers, achieving far greater conversion rates.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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