STABILO Together for a sustainable tomorrow

The global pandemic might have shifted the public and governments focus off climate change, but it is more important than ever to continue momentum for a greener future. Which is why global manufacturer of quality writing instruments, STABILO, has started a company-wide sustainability initiative called STABILO Together, where STABILO plans to become a climate-neutral company by 2025

Sustainability has always been a key factor for STABILO, from the raw materials used to produce its pens and pencils and with the production itself, down to the transportation and even sourcing electricity. STABILO is also:

• Using 100% climate neutral electricity on its best-selling products, STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL and STABILO point 88.

• Making 70% of the products in Germany.

• Processing 150,000kg of recycled plastic every year.

• Cradle to Cradle Certified, with the STABILO GREENpoint made from 87% recycled plastic.

• Using water-based ink in 97.5% of products.

• Using solar panels in Malaysia, saving 22 tonnes of CO2 per month – that is equal to the amount of CO2 that 1,760 trees would convert.

• Making 100% of its pencils out of certified wood.

• Covering 12 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals with its ISO certifications.

Vanya Hunter, marketing manager at STABILO said about STABILO Together: “As a company we think in generations, not quarterly periods and always look to the future. I am excited about setting this target and eager to push, an already sustainable company, to further heights. Our approach to writing instruments is working towards solutions that will be effective for years, it’s never about a quick result and this is the same approach we have to sustainability.”

In 1998, STABILO became the first writing instrument producer in the world to receive FSC® certification. An award-winning, family company, owning industry awards and certificates, implemented the Pairs agreement in all its manufacturing locations to protect against climate change and deals with green-gas-emissions.

Even today, 100% of all the wood used to manufacture STABILO’S pencils comes from its sustainable forests. True climate neutrality takes time and STABILO will be implementing radical transformations throughout the entire company to achieve climate neutral status by 2025:

• Climate-neutral electricity supply to all production facilities.

• Process optimisation in manufacturing and logistics.

• In-house electricity generation.

• Exploration and use of alternative materials.

• Improvement of recyclability and product durability.

STABILO’s commitment to progress is based upon three pillars:

• Planet: STABILO thinks holistically, from sourcing raw materials to recycling.

• People: STABILO thinks beyond itself: for its employees, employees’ families, and customers.

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