Increasing your team’s productivity

The better the environment in an office, the better employees will perform

CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on About Leaders  

A leader must be able to keep their team happy and motivated, as a happy team is a productive team. So, how can you increase your team’s productivity?

Offer attractive tools

The best way to do this is to offer tools, such as flowcharts, which allow them to capture, visually, the different ideas they have in mind and find connections between them. This way, they are better able to develop initiatives, and design larger projects, which will help them make a difference within the organisation and play more important roles.

Group thinking

Once a month it is advisable to gather the whole team together and carry out a day of idea sharing. To make this activity more efficient, dividing your team into smaller groups – and concluding the day with a presentation of the ideas that each one has drawn – will allow for more ideas and collaboration to occur; for one day, all workers have parity in decision-making.

It goes without saying that being a good leader for your team is hard work. It is important to provide workers with tools and resources so that they can improve their existing skills and learn and share new ones.

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