Nemo and Office Club introduce virtual visit portal

With the global pandemic not going anywhere soon, Nemo and Office Club are now offering their members the opportunity to book a virtual visit from a member of the dealer groups’ team

Nemo & Office Club MD, Tim Beaumont, explained the thinking behind the new development: “Throughout lockdown we have supported our members in many ways across email, telephone and group zoom meetings, but we realise that nothing can replace that invaluable one-to-one, face-to-face, time that comes from a personal visit.

“Our Business development team is chomping at the bit to get out visiting dealers again and we know that members are eager to see us, but we need to be sensible in these difficult times. Our innovative new Virtual Visit (VV) programme gives members the alternative option of booking an appointment online using our VV Portal. In many ways it is an improvement on the traditional way of having meetings with dealers now able to select a time that suits them, and they can choose to have a VV from any member of the senior Nemo or Office Club team depending on which particular area of business they wish to discuss. With no travel time involved, it has made everyone more accessible.

“Over the last eight months we have become well-accustomed to managing zoom meetings internally, with members and with our suppliers; we know it is not quite the same as a real face-to-face visit, but until it is safe to physically travel the breadth of the country, our members know we are still here with full access to our support, albeit it in a virtual world for the time being.”

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