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PFU EMEA’s (a Fujitsu Company) super successful ScanSnap iX1500 promotion has made a comeback for 2020! As of 6 January 2020, your customers can get a free ScanSnap iX100 mobile scanner with every ScanSnap iX1500 one-touch scanner – how’s that for a great start to the new year?

ScanSnap iX1500
The ScanSnap iX1500 is the flagship model of the ScanSnap series; it digitises large volumes of documentation quickly, improving productivity and efficiency, allowing any business or individual to focus on what matters most. What’s more, using the iX1500 is incredibly simple thanks to wireless connectivity, an intuitive touch-screen ScanSnap Home software hub. The device adapts to the preferences required and evolves as the user does, enabling smarter working.
Product features:

  • Great for both personal and sharing use
  • 30 ppm colour scanning
  • 50 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Dust detection and streak reduction
  • Scans wirelessly to a PC, Mac or smart device
  • Wi-Fi connection allows scanning straight from the ScanSnap to the cloud without your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device

ScanSnap iX100
The ScanSnap iX100 is a battery-powered wonder which makes scanning mobile. Whether scanning receipts, contracts, recipes, or plastic cards, the iX100 brings mobility and wireless scanning to your PC, Mac or mobile device.
Product features:

  • One-button searchable PDF creation
  • Scans a colour document in 5.2 seconds
  • Built-in GI microprocessor
  • Scans wirelessly to a PC, Mac or smart device
  • Scans two small documents at the same time
  • ScanSnap Cloud – takes paper directly to your cloud.

Why scanning is beneficial for any business
“One reason to scan is the issues that come with paper,” says Andrew Cowling, senior channel marketing specialist at PFU (EMEA). “The cost of paper itself, the cost of storing it, the cost of printing and some of the indirect costs such as time wasted printing off and collecting a piece of paper, putting it in an envelope and posting it. Dealers selling to accountants, solicitors and estate agents can utilise the angle of them being able to respond a lot quicker to customer requests.”
The paper issue leads into another huge driver – security. “People not knowing where data is within an organisation, or how many people have access to that, is a problem,” Andrew continues. “If you’ve got loads of HR records or invoices in a filing cabinet it’s cumbersome, time-wise, to file them in the first instance and at a later date to have to find them. There’s also the question of how many people could potentially see something they shouldn’t see, and how many copies of that document exist.” This ties into GDPR, as revised rules include organisations having to find any information requested by a customer within a month, and that customer having the right to have any information on them destroyed.
Audit trail
“Scanning not only allows you to create something that’s searchable,” says Andrew, “but gives you a complete audit trail where you can see exactly who’s edited the data, who’s seen it, where it has been sent and even who has printed it out. It also offers the guarantee that your data will continue to exist even if the worst happens and the office burns down.”
Understand the scan opportunity with Fujitsu’s enablement platforms
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