Quocirca briefing highlights opportunities of 3D print market

Quocirca has published its latest executive briefing report, Additive action: 3D printing as an accelerator for digital manufacturing, which examines developments in the 3D printing market and identifies the opportunities, pitfalls and potential of 3D printing as a key enabler of Industry 4.0.
The in-depth briefing is designed to inform decision-makers who need to understand and monitor the relevance of 3D printing for their organisation. It explains the history of 3D print technology and the evolution of market demand. It looks at the current and likely future impact of the entry of major conventional print industry players into the market, their strategies and the ways in which the development of new partner ecosystems are driving innovation at pace and scale.
Louella Fernandes, research director at Quocirca, said: “3D printing is entering a new era. It has developed beyond early home user-focused ambition and is poised to radically transform the manufacturing sector. While other Industry 4.0 technologies such as automation and robotics will make industrial processes more efficient, 3D printing has the potential to restructure them entirely.
“We are now seeing major industry players entering the market to seize a potentially multi-trillion dollar opportunity and this will accelerate progress to the point where it can effectively compete with conventional manufacturing.
“The applications of 3D printing are widespread – from high-end jewellery to prosthetic limbs, aerospace to automotive, meaning organisations across an enormous range of vertical sectors need to start exploring how 3D printing could impact their business.”
The report also identifies the challenges faced by this quickly evolving sector that may act as barriers to progress, from regulatory hurdles to talent acquisition. It concludes with strategic recommendations that will guide decision-makers as they seek to develop tactics to maximise the business opportunity offered by 3D printing.
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