Stationers' Company Innovation Excellence Awards 2018 launched

The Stationers’ Company is calling for entries to the 2018 Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards, which celebrate the valuable contribution that the UK Communications and Content Industries make to the UK economy.
Companies, trade associations, charities, individuals, educational institutions and public bodies, including museums, libraries, galleries and archives, are invited to share their examples of innovation and creativity in the following areas:

  • Digital publishing
  • Book and magazine publishing
  • Paper and other printing media
  • Printing supplies, including inks and coatings, and office supplies
  • Printing machinery and printing techniques
  • Packaging
  • Computer software, applications and games
  • Novel methods of communication, marketing, advertising and publishing, including within the broadcasting, print media and digital sectors
  • Products or services that streamline doing business in the communications and content sectors

Entries may be for the design of novel products, services or business processes, which will be evaluated on the novelty of the innovation, their economic performance or economic potential, and overall social impact within the UK.
Entry forms can be downloaded at and the closing date for completed applications to be emailed to is by 6 pm on 6 April 2018.
Jonathan Drori, Chairman of the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards said, “innovation is a key driver of prosperity and growth, helping both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations to be more competitive. Launched in 2014, these annual Awards, which are free to enter, not only celebrate the creativity and drive in the UK Communications and Content Industries, but also give valuable publicity to the entrants’ achievements.”
Winners will be announced at an Awards luncheon and exhibition of selected entries at Stationers’ Hall, London, on 26th June 2018.

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