Superstat's e-mail marketing hits the spot

Superstat has released results from a recent consumer survey that highlights the success of the group’s managed e-mail marketing service.
The service, now in its third year, gives Superstat dealers a fully managed e-mail marketing solution that is delivered directly to their customers.
Completed by 394 end customers, the survey is part of an ongoing process to measure the effectiveness of the e-mails and gauge customer engagement. 51% of recipients said they are ‘very likely’ to click onto a product and a further 39% said they ‘sometimes’ click through.
“End customer feedback is really important to us,” said Karly Haley, marketing director. “It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks other than the end consumer. It isn’t for us to dictate how many emails a customer should receive, or how engaging they are so this kind of research drives our campaigns.”
The e-mail marketing programme is supported by the group’s INSight CRM system which allows sales people to identify opportunities and report to leads.
Superstat’s Kyle Spellman added: “Although a CRM system is a big change in culture for some businesses, if people can get their heads around it and commit to it, it shows straight away on the bottom line. It depends what a dealer wants, if they are hungry to grow and want to increase margin then CRM is the way to go.
“My team gives the support they need to get going and with the marketing working in the back ground generating opportunities it’s a win-win.”
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