The six-step email marketing sequence that will transform customer loyalty

Are you wondering how to promote your latest workplace solution to your audience in the most effective way? Adam Oldfield, CEO of marketing automation platform Force24, offers a simple email nurture sequence that could help to transform your digital content

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate in today’s technology-first world. However, it’s important to stress here that these digital comms aren’t solely responsible for how you build rapport and engagement. Yes, they play a major part in the overall process, but they’re designed to get your foot in the door and set the scene for an all-important customer conversation to take place afterwards.

However, this isn’t a case of sending out a bland email and hoping it sticks – especially when you have more than 300bn marketing emails to compete with globally every single day. If you want your workplace solution to get the cut-through you desire, you must hyper-personalise your communications.

A great way to do this is via an email nurture sequence – something that takes a recipient from an introductory phase all the way through to a call to action. The good news is you have an incredibly important story to tell following the mass move to working from home too.

So, if you’re telling customers about your office, remote or hybrid-focused products and services to help them become more productive and efficient regardless of their location, try this six-step email journey…


This is your first email that revolves around you as a brand, and what the product or service is you’re offering.

Social proof

By utilising the powers of your existing customers’ stories, use this as an opportunity to provide case studies or testimonials that evidence why you’re trusted.


It’s simple – what will the recipient achieve if they take up your services?


Playing on the consequences of what might happen if they don’t buy into your offer. What will they miss out on?


Then, this email makes sense of everything you’ve already said, and sums up why you’re the right option for them.


End on a strong message that requests they act now before the opportunity goes to somebody else.

Of course, the above email framework is only a small part of your overall deliverability success. It’s important you keep your CRM updated, react to bounce rates and unsubscribes – as well as new subscribers – and understand your data during each stage of the email sequence, before you embark on a digital comms sequence. The great news is marketing automation can automatically do all this for you – and more. What’s next is to find the platform that’s right for you. Force24 are the fastest growing UK-Based marketing automation platform that offer a unique pay for what you want pricing structure. Why not check us out and have a quick demo of the platform?

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