VOW launches 2019 charity challenge

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VOW is delighted to announce that January 2019 will see the launch of a brand-new charity initiative, aimed at encouraging its staff to get involved with supporting national and local good causes.

The company-wide scheme, open to all VOW employees, is not tied to any sponsorship or fund-raising goal. Instead, the ‘1,000 Hours Challenge’ focuses on giving that most valuable of gifts: people’s time.

Helen Wade, VOW marketing director is the driving force behind the creation of the initiative. She explains: “At VOW, we employ over a thousand people and they all have causes that are close to their hearts. It may be supporting hospitals or hospices, looking after children or animals, supporting veterans, the elderly, disabled or infirm, any number of organisations and activities. They are all deserving of support and as a business that cares about our communities, we want to do our bit to empower our staff to contribute.

“We want them to give their time to help with anything the charities need doing, whatever that involves. It could be tidying up the gardens, painting walls, supporting activities, collecting rubbish, volunteering in a shop or stuffing envelopes! More than just wanting them to do this, we will actively be encouraging them through the launch of the 1,000 Hour Challenge. Any member of staff simply has to tell their line manager what it is they wish to do, and so long as it is agreed, they will be given the time off as paid hours, which will count towards the 1,000 hours target that we plan to achieve by the end of 2019.”

VOW MD, Adrian Butler, is delighted to support the 1,000 Hours Challenge. “I am really proud of the team at VOW and the commitment that they show to the business day-in and day-out. They are a fantastic bunch, and we think it’s right to recognise their hard work by giving them back some time to support the charities and good causes that they care about.”

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