Binding and laminating: Maximising presentation impact the non-digital way

Binding and laminating are simple and effective ways of protecting and organising documents – but not everyone is fully aware of their potential. With GBC and Leitz’s binding and laminating solutions, individuals have the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and excellence through their presentation.
For those operating in and amongst volumes of physical documents, binding and laminating can transform stacks of unprotected and unorganised documents into protected, preserved and enhanced ones. Binding and laminating have the potential to add value to documents, to offer your own personal touch, to extend the life span of important credentials and can even influence that all-important first impression during meetings and presentations.
While many organisations store data and important information online, there are still requirements for individuals and businesses to store, display and present physical documents – including legal documents, business proposals, academic theses, reference lists, product sheets, credentials, notices and ID cards. Laminating and binding solutions not only provide protection, but also add structure to the document to ensure it can operate optimally.
Outside of the traditional office environment, both the binding and laminating categories remain highly in demand in multiple vertical markets. Today, they remain an important asset in arts and crafts, education, law, retail, estate agents and hospitality.
Professionally binding a document that is being presented to a potential prospect (a client, a tutor or a job applicant) can say a lot about you. If you present a well-structured document that fosters organisation and efficiency, you are more likely to make a positive first impression than if you presented a stack of unorganised material.
In a similar way, laminating can convey true professionalism. It can be used to notify audiences effectively, to signal a warning, or for clear communication purposes. Whether it’s a well-presented sales proposal for a customer, a securely-bound legal document or a preserved training document that is handled frequently, binding and laminating gives you the edge.
GBC and Leitz from ACCO Brands have the widest, most complete range of binding and laminating machines and consumables on the market. Both brands are a symbol of quality and reliability.
GBC has long offered customers a comprehensive and reliable range of business laminating and binding machines. Offering multiple varieties of laminators for large, medium, and small offices, customers can ensure professional quality lamination, whatever the purpose. GBC’s binding machines also range from light use to heavy use, meeting all customer requirements. With GBC’s Quickstep colour coding available on their machines and ProCombs, customers are guided through each step clearly, creating error-free, fast binding.
Leitz iLAM has set a new standard in lamination. It has been engineered to combine sleek design with ultimate quality and performance, giving customers perfect results every time. The range includes the ultimate iLAM Touch 2 Series with smart sensor technology and high speed for prolonged, professional use. The iLAM Home Office range of laminators is also available, designed for people working from home who desire laminators with an attractive look and feel. It is perfect for those who want to add striking WOW colours to their workspace.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count with GBC and Leitz’ binding and lamination solutions. To view the ranges visit and
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