Heart Systems to share major Pulse development at Dealer Support Live


Heart Systems, the creator of Pulse Software will be exhibiting at Dealer Support Live on 17 October. Director Emily Murphy said: “Dealer Support Live is a key event for us. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with people and generally just get immersed in all the latest industry developments.”
Murphy will be manning the Heart exhibition stand and is excited to share a major development in Pulse, Heart’s expansion into software for the Workwear and PPE sector.
Heart’s PulseData Hub processes a range of data, which means they can bring all the benefits of PulseStore and PulseOffice to other industries via PulseStore Plus. The first few customers have now gone live with their new Workwear sites and Pulse looks set to become a major player in software for the sector.
Unicorn Workwear’s Rob Green explained: “We have been working closely with Heart recently on our new workwear site. Workwear is an important and growing part of our business and we wanted a separate website for this. The new site has been working well and this move has been really good for us. In fact it has been much more successful than we first thought for both our existing customers and in attracting new customers.”
These developments mean that workwear distributors can now benefit from the automatic upload of enriched workwear industry data straight into their back-office system and integrated e-commerce store. And, the development of grouped styles and multiple variant listings on the front-end store means their customers can find and order workwear items quickly and easily. No more manual CSV uploads, no more difficult to navigate online stores, all the benefits of full B2B account management that Pulse currently offers and new suppliers being added all the time.
Murphy continued: “We feel this development is long overdue in the Workwear industry. For distributors, the software options have been limited and/or expensive up until now. We wanted to change that, and I think PulseStore Plus for Workwear is a game changer. We’re really excited to share it with everyone at Dealer Support this year.”
Murphy will be on hand to explain more at the event but, if you want to find out more in the meantime, take a look at Heart’s Workwear demo site and give Murphy a call on 01568 610 611, or send an email to [email protected].
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